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Reader View,
all customizable
Smart parsing with support for custom styles and font imports
Backup webpages with Snapshot, automatically
Don’t worry about broken links
Send Article with Quick Actions
Bulk editing and
Organize with nested tags or folders as your way
Quick save or search with Mac Helper
Customizable Widgets
Article? Bookmark?
Set your own parsing rules
Sync with Notion & Readwise
Shortcuts, APIs
App Lock
Loved by Power Readers
Cubox has profoundly transformed my world, artfully turning a sea of scattered information into a serene, accessible oasis. More than a mere tool, it's become an essential companion in organizing my thoughts, acting as an effective extension of my own intellect. It’s truly my second brain, effortlessly managing my digital universe.
Charles Li
Knowledge Aficionado
I was incredible intrigued when I found out about Cubox. It is a beautifully designed piece of software, packed with lovely features to take content consumption to another level.
I finally have found an app that understands my needs when it comes to storing all of my minds inspiration and using tags and keywords as the main source to filter. I feel like I can finally breathe and replace Notion.
Perfect addition for the other PKM nerds out there. I wrote a review a while ago, but I just wanted to add how amazing this app is for personal knowledge management. The deep link is SO useful for how I personally like to link notes to their references. The annotated highlighting is also really great, and the combination of tags and folders is a trifecta not available in any other bookmark or read-it-later app.
I’m loving the AI summary updates. Cubox is so great right now! Keep up the great work!
I’ve been looking for a more powerful read-it-later alternative to Pocket and Cubox ticks a lot of boxes. It offers highlights, annotations, email-import and connects with a range of other tools.
Beautiful design and function. Love this app. This app is allowing me to get organized in a way I didn't think I would. I'm able to find things that I want to review quickly and easily. Well worth the subscription.
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